Book Review: Our Universe Revealed


This is part 3 of 4 in book reviews. These books are written by E.L. Strauss published by

 Part 1: Global Explorer.

Part 2: Chaos Theory Uncovered

Our Universe Revealed 

I am a big fan of Cosmos. I love listening to Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson explaining the mysteries of the galaxy. If you like that show and many others like it, then you will love this book.

Our Universe Revealed is a great book that covers a multitude of topics including Antimatter, Dark Energy, Quasars, Supernovae, and Einstein’s Theories, and more. This book covers the study of Cosmology: “the scientific study of the large-scale properties of the universe; the field endeavours to use the scientific method to understand the universe’s origin, evolution, and ultimate fate.”


I love how this book is organized and structured. When you open Our Universe Revealed , you see there are a list of Questions we Ask, and a list of topics in the What we Uncover section. This gets the readers engaged in what will be coming up in the sections ahead. I also enjoy that before each chapter starts the author lays out a small time line of questions that the reader should keep in mind as they read. I believe this is a great way for students to get their critical thinking skills started.

Our Universe Revealed starts by looking at stargazing, moving to the beginning of the cosmos, how the universe is structured, and finally Relativity. I like how Our Universe Revealed has great pictures, illustrations, charts and graphs that help bring clarity to the reader on the subject at hand. Students will find these to be useful. The author also uses some illustrations made by artisits which are colorful, and detailed.


For someone who is interested in learning more about space, the galaxy, and parts of the universe then Our Universe Revealed is for you. It is very good at giving details, explaining different equations (such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Hubble’s Law to name a few), and explaining how the universe works.

After reading Our Universe Revealed, I came to realize that I had learned a lot. In the back of the book there is a list of topics that students, adults, and teachers who want to learn more about the cosmos could check into. This book is only 127 pages in length, and can be read in just a few short sittings. It also has the opportunity to be a jumping off point for science students to take a topic and go in-depth further than what is in the book.

Our Universe Revealed is a great book to use in addition to the science curriculum that is used in school and in homeschools. This book is best suited for high school students who want to get a more in-depth education of space. The vocabulary is challenging. This book also requires you to use some critical thinking in some of the activities that are presented to the reader.

Overall, Our Universe Revealed is a great book. I hope that you check it out, along with the others in this set.



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