#gtchat is funded by the Texas Association for Gifted Children.

Here are the weekly transcripts for #gtchat

If you are interested in joining the #gtchat you will find it going on every Thursday 8ET/7CT/6MT/5PT. Below is some, not all,  active participants in weekly #gtchats. Follow them. I gaurentee you will learn a lot from them.

gtchat (@gtchatmod)

Sherri Kroll (@oliveviewz)

Jeffifer Marten (@jenmarten)

Teachfine (@teachfine)

Care M. (@NaturallyCare)

Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1)

Teach a Gifted Kid (@teachagiftedkid)

Jeffrey Shoemaker, M.Ed (@jeff_shoemaker)

Carrie Sullivan (@CSPlanguage)

Jo Freitag (@jofrei)

Derek Keenan, M.Ed (@MrDKeenan)

Leslie Graves (@LesLinks)

Tami (@yesteach)

Ros Hynes (@RosHynes)

Darren Klepsch (Darren_Klepsch)

Michelle Weber (@MichelleAWeber)

Debbie A. Smith (@dsmithnz)

Jen (@laughingatchaos)

Modern Mia Gardening (@modernmiagarden)


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