Livebinders are just like they sound. They are a huge collection of information all stored in one place. Please feel free to  use any of the resources collected in the Livebinders. These were organized by teachers, parents, and advocates of Gifted Education.(I didn’t make these, I just use them and wanted to share them.)

Apps for Gifted and High-Ability Learners

Gifted Resources

Instructional Strategies for Gifted Learners

Identifying Gifted Learners

Sites for Gifted Educators and Advocates

Who are the Gifted?

Whole Shelf of Livebinders on many aspects of Gifted Education and students

Whole Shelf of Livebinders on Resources for Gifted and Talented Students

Counseling and Gifted Education

Gifted Underachievers – Resources for educators and parents

Gifted and Talented

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