Book Review: Complex Systems in Our World

20160330_171221-1.jpgThis is part 4 of 4 in book reviews. These books are written by E.L. Strauss published by

 Part 1: Global Explorer.

Part 2: Chaos Theory Uncovered

Part 3: Our Universe Revealed

Complex Systems

I have always been interested in patters, and in relationships. Complex Systems in Our World helps to explain the science of relationships. Complex systems theory is “a transdisciplinary field of study concerned with the organization and functioning of different phenomena. The field examines the principles common to all complex systems, with the aim of discovering patterns and principles that can be applied to all types of systems, at all levels, in all fields of research.”


Like the other three books in their series, Complex Systems in Our World is structured similar. It starts by looking at interconnections, and emergence, moves to types of complexity, and finishes with superorganisms and thermodynamics. I enjoy the Questions we Ask and What we Uncover sections that help to guide the reader through the book. The outline of each chapter isn’t a traditional outline. Instead it is a series of questions that the author poses to get the reader thinking about the material they will interact with.

The book has great pictures to help the concepts of systems and their complexities. The activities that the author has connected to the material is challenging and makes the reader use their critical thinking skills.


I think Complex Systems in Our World is a great book to help students to understand how relationships work in the real world, and how communities, cities, and the environment are connected through these systems. This is a great resource for students. This book is best suited for high school students who want to get a more in-depth education of complex systems. The vocabulary is challenging. Complex Systems in Our World also requires you to use critical thinking in some of the activities that are presented to the reader.






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