PACES is the Parents of Allen County Exceptional Students  Parent Support Group.

The Allen County Chess League is starting on Dec. 12. I hope that you have the chance to join this. If you or your child like chess, then this is the place you want to be.





This group meets once a month with various topics. Here is the schedule for the next few months.

To keep up with updates from PACES check out their new Facebook!

April 7th PACES Meeting: Allen County Parents of Exceptional Students Presents: David Elam and Brian Conatser David and Brian will speak on the topic of productive struggle and what it means for our children in school today.





ACES Poster 1.1 (2)


February 3, 2015 The Social and Emtional Needs of Gifted Children

Here are the resources that were shared with the parents and teachers who were there.

Myths of Gifted Social and emotional Needs

PowerPoint of ACES Social and Emotional Needs Presentation


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