Here are some Units that I have done in the past. I have also encluded some novels that I have taught. I hope that you get some use to them. Feel free to use, change, and recreate the units to fit you and yor classroom. I put them in google.doc form.

One of the new aspects I have added to my class for the 2013 school year is the Project Based Learning. I had the chance to read the book Project Based Learning for Gifted Students by Todd Stanley. This book is an awesome resource. I based some of his ideas on the projects that I created. Below I have two links for some units that I am doing. One is the Project based learning rubrics and other paperwork, the other is the units themselves.

Project Based Learning Paperwork

Project Based Learning Units

Independent Study: These are units that you can have your students work on independently. I have put up a few that I think my students got the most out of.

Easter Island



Novels: Here are some novel that my students really got into. There is an overview and a link to the on-line unit plan that I starte with.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

The Cay by Theodore Taylor

To see more of what I have done, please check out my Wikispaces website. There is several there, that aren’t listed here.

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