The #ohiogtchat is sponsored by the OAGC Teachers Division. The chat is bi-monthly on Sundays at 8pm ET.  I would suggest going to the #ohiogtchat official webpage to get all the current information such as who the featured guests and topics are, transcripts of past chats, and resources that are mentioned in the chat and in the newsletter.

You can follow  me at @jeff_shoemaker or @HeatherCachat on twitter, or follow the hashtag #ohiogtchat to join in the chat.

Here is the Chat Calendar for 2017. It could change topics if something comes up. We try to keep the chat relevant as possible.


  • Jan. 8: Summer Camps, Summer Activities Catherine Rogliano from SIG (@SIGifted) will be our guest. In this chat, we could to discuss what SIG as to offer as summer camps, why teachers should encourage parents to send their children to summer camps, and why it is important to for parents to invest money and time into gifted summer camps.
  • Jan 22: Importance of field trips, internships, and opportunities for career exploration


  • Feb 5: Gifted Education and Minorities: In many gifted programs Minorities are under-represented. We will discuss the issues of why this is, and how as teachers and advocates we can help to rectify this important issue.
  • Feb 19: Conference Theme From the OAGC Teacher Academy: We will be focusing this discussion on what kinds of Professional Development would be the most helpful to gifted intervention specialists, and regular education teachers. This will be your chance to discuss some of your favorite professional development sessions that have benefited you the most. 


  • Mar 5: Misdiagnosis 
  • Mar 19: ADHD 


  • April 9: Asperger’s Syndrome in the Gifted Population: Being on the Autism Spectrum 
  • April 23: Dyslexia 


  • May 7: Things parents need to know about the college search/planning process  With our featured guest Anne Flick (@annflick) we will be looking at  aspects of things like scholarships and other financial aid, PSAT/SAT 1 & 2/AP exams, dual enrollment, early decision applications, what to do if wait-listed, honors programs, and finding a good fit.
  • May 21: Gifted and non-gifted sibling relationships: How do family relationship dynamics change when one or more siblings is gifted and one or more siblings are not gifted. What advice do parents have to give other parents and teachers in this situation?


  • July 16: National Parenting Gifted Children Week, July 16-22 


  • Aug 13: Classroom Prep–How do you start your school year? / Creating a Classroom Environment that encourages creativity and challenge


  • Sept. 3: Two sides of the same coin: Multipotentiality of our Gifted (athletically gifted, intellectually gifted, creatively gifted, academically gifted)
  • Sept. 17: Fostering Creativity in Gifted Children

Oct. – National Bully Prevention Month

  • Oct 8: Conference Theme From the OAGC Fall Conference
  • Oct. 22: Panel on Bully Prevention 


  • Nov 5: Building a Strong Parent Support Group
  • Nov 19: Conference Theme From the OAGC Coordinator Workshop


  • Dec. 3: Building a Strong Gifted Program

Gifted Community Dates to Remember / Links to Check Out

2017 OAGC Annual Parent Day Oct. 15, 2017 Columbus, OH 
2017 OAGC Annual Fall Conference Oct. 15-16,2017 Columbus, OH 

NAGC Annual Conference
Nov. 2-5, 2017 Charlotte N.C.

2016 OAGC Coordinator Workshop December 2, 2016 Columbus, OH 2017 Teacher Academy February 27-28, 2017 Columbus, OH 
SENG Annual Conference – August 4-6, 2017 Naperville, IL
Council for Exceptional Children Annual Conference April 19-22 Boston, Mass

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