A Successful Identity Fair

“Pass the glue…hand me the scissors…I am ready to print…What…students are coming to look at my poster?”

This past week my students finished their Identity Day.

They really put in a lot of work and thought into their posters. We began by diagraming some ideas of things in their life that they are passionate about. Once we did that I had my students take a large sheet of paper and make a diagram of what their large tri-fold would look like. I think this helped them to visually see the work that they would be doing for the next few weeks.

I had each student come to me and discuss their project before I gave them a tri-fold to work with. I was very impressed with the topics they chose for their poster. I really learned a lot about my students interests. Thier interests were widely spread out. Some chose sports, vaction spots, pets, and many other topics. Once our conference was over I gave them their tri-fold. I laughed several times because when I gave them their poster they were surpised at how big it was. Their eyes would bug out! That cracked me up. Some of my smaller students had a hard time carrying it. Once they had it they were ready to go, and they got busy making their poster. I was impressed with their work ethic. I was very proud of them. They worked hard for 3 weeks (I only see them once a week).

The day came when it was time to get all set up in the classroom. I had emailed our staff and invited them to come to come down and,  see what my students have produced. Quite a few classes came down to see, what my students produced. It was a great time of sharing and discussing. I was amazed by what I saw and heard.

I want to thank Prinipal George Couros for blogging about his  Identity Day.  I had such a great time with this project. It gave me a chance to see what my students are interested in outside of school.


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