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Learning Communities

After reading a few replies from a post I did this past summer, Marti Pike posted a link to a very good Tedx Talk by John Green and the importance of learning and learning communities.

Is your classroom a learning community? Do your gifted students feel like they are part of a learning community? Do you you encourage your gifted students to take part in some of the on-line learning communities on Reddit, or on YouTube?

We know gifted children have a drive to learn. We know that if they get bored they can be a handful to say the least. So why not introduce them to learning communities that can help them learn more about a topic or subject they have an interest in.

What learning communities do you as a teacher enjoy that helps you stay connected to learning as a teacher? What learning communities do your gifted students like to engage in? Post those to the comment section below.


Happy and Healthy is Not a School Subject

I came across this Tedx video of 13 year old Logan LePlante who talks about hacking his schooling to be happy.

I agree with his over all assessment of education. Schools are heavily weighted in math, and reading, social studies, and science. You know all of the things that have to be tested. But do we really think about students being happy? Lately, we have been focusing on healthier food, and getting students to move and exercise.

How often have students taken over some of their education to make themselves happy? Well, check out this video and listen to one student who did.

I would be curious to see your reactions to this video. I thought for a teenager, he did a great job of discussing his point, and backing it up. I think it is important for young people to take a major stake in their education.