Book Review: Nothing You Can’t Do

bookcover.jpgI had the privilege to read the book Nothing You Can’t Do! by Mary Cay Ricci. This is a great book for middle school teachers and counselors to use with their students to either shore up their growth mindset or to assist them in changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

If you are familiar with the work of Carol Dweck and Growth Mindset, you will appreciate this book. This book gives students the opportunity to write in it, and share their own goals, stories, and extended responses in to help them grow and to change their fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Throughout the book there are tips that can help students who are in late elementary and middle school to help them to change their mindset. There are some examples that these students can use to help them understand the concepts discussed in each chapter. Also, this book is uses the vocabulary of this age-group, which to me is a great feature. For example, in chapter 2 the author talks about the words resilience, perseverance, and optimism, and how they relate to growth mindset.

Another aspect I like are the insertions of QR codes  throughout the chapters that link to short videos to help reiterate the author’s point. Many other resources are listed in the back several pages including growth mindset links, videos, movies, and websites to help educators and counselors to help middle school students better understand growth mindset.

Having just left the classroom, I feel like this book would have been a great book to go through  with some of my students who had a fixed mindset. Many of my students who are gifted struggled at times had issues with perfectionism, and with self-doubt. By using some of the tips and concepts my students would have benefited greatly.

To close, I highly recommend this book to all gifted educators to who have students who need a little help in changing their mindset. This book gives students the opportunity to interact with the concepts and tips to help them grow. Nothing You Can’t Do!  is a great resource that should be utilized by gifted educators who know their students would benefit from a change of mindsets.


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