The Importance of Gifted Education in Preschools

istock_000038208034_medium-20160503141924q75dx720y432u1r1ggcPreschool is not an area in which I am most familiar with so I have to refer to my wife who is an Early Childhood Education Instructor at our high school. She has taught me a lot about what is importance of early education instruction in toddlers and preschoolers, and why it is important to constantly observe children. They show you what they know.

One aspect that is important when it comes to preschool is to communicate with parents about how their child is at home, and letting parents know how their child is at school. By having that open communication teachers and parents can get a whole picture of the child.

Early Childhood Educators know what the average toddler and preschooler should be doing by every age. Some times a few children will stick out because of their talents. Here are a few characteristics that preschool teachers and parents should notice because these aspects are possible indicators of giftedness.

The child:

  • has an advanced vocabulary at an early age
  • can read words beyond the expected age
  • has rational thoughts on adult topics, or topics not normally associated with young children (examples like the meaning of life, and death)
  • can think and explain abstract concepts
  • passes developmental milestones quickly
  • has a rapid language and concept development acquisition
  •  can understand family relationships at an early age, (mommy’s mommy is grandmother; daddy’s daddy is grandfather)
  • can be very impulsive and over reactive
  • has a high level of curiosity

When parents and early childhood educators notice multiple aspects listed above there needs to be an intervention to make sure the child is put into gifted services. The best form for this is acceleration. In our schools we will quickly accelerate students who accelerate in music, the arts, and even sports. We need to be more fluid with our academic classes as well. I believe this also applies for preschool students as well as the elementary, middle, and high school students.

Research shows that the earlier children start school the better chances of these children to have an increased academic success in elementary school and it widens further in middle and high school. It also shows that if high ability students aren’t able to accelerate at the level they need to they can begin to show behavior problems. Finally, research also shows that if parents create a learning environment that is fun can make a huge difference to learning throughout the child’s life.

There are 6 things that teachers and parents can do to help find or develop high ability children.

  1. Actively look for areas of talent strength
  2. Encourage toddlers to play, invent, and pretend / Expose young children to enrichment activities like going to museums, and zoos
  3. Teach responsibility to young children.
  4. Parents and teachers should model the desired behaviors they want to see in young children
  5.  Read to children often, and everyday using a variety of books and topics
  6. Expose children to skill related skills early by doing activities that are fun and exciting

Young children need to be exposed to new and exciting learning opportunities often. The more parents and teachers do this they are making an investment for a better life for their children.

What does your school do to help find and nurture high ability preschoolers?

 I used Parenting Gifted Children book from NAGC as a resource for this post. I encourage you to check it out.

4 thoughts on “The Importance of Gifted Education in Preschools

  1. Great suggestions! We are homeschooling our son because he is twice exceptional. We started “school” at an early age because he was so darn inquisitive! At 5 now he’s already a challenge to keep up with and is accelerated in multiple subjects. Makes teaching him quite interesting.

  2. Andria

    I’m gifted. Started reading at 3. So when we went for a meet the teacher interview thing before I started kindergarten at 5 I remember being very offended when the teacher asked me to draw a picture. I was a big kid now going to school, I didn’t want to draw a stupid picture. Wasn’t till grade 2 that I had a teacher that actually paid attention to how far ahead I was and actually supported me academically. A good teacher really makes all the difference.

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