Summer is Right Around the Corner

For many of us summer is right around the corner, and school will be out. I know as an educator that having the summer is important. For me, summer is a time for family gatherings, vactions, and relaxing. It also is a time for reflection, professional development, and summer classes. Doing things out in the community, or with your family teachers always seem to stay busy during the summer.

As #ohiogtchat takes a break for the summer, I hope that you take some time for yourself to be recharged. I also hope during that time of recharging you get inspired to do somethings this coming school year that you didn’t do in past years.If you are like me, I will read several books this summer to help me get inspired.

The National Parenting Gifted Children Week is July 17-23. Check out your gifted associations for information.

Concerning #ohiogtchat:

Our next #ohiogtchat is Aug 7: Alternative placements: (Homeschools / Unschool Movement/ Online Schools) Guest Corin Goodwin and Home School Panel. I hope that you join us for this chat. I believe that it will be a very interesting topic. More and more students are being homeschooled, and participating in online schools parents of gifted children want to give their children the best education possible. So this topic is becoming more relevant than what people assume it is.

Then two weeks later we have our second chat for the month of August. On Aug 14: Classroom Prep–How do you start your school year? Creating a Classroom Environment that encourages creativity and challenge. I hope by then, many of you will have been recharged and ready for the school year to begin. So let’s talk about the classroom environment.

Have a great summer and see you in August!.


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