Get Informed and Make a Difference

getconnected_header_724x420_2014I was talking to a few of the pre-service teachers doing some student teaching in my building about Education, and what is Gifted Education. From those few conversations I began to reflect on what should Gifted Educators do to help them, not only survive in the classroom but thrive.

  1. Classes, Webinars, and MOOCs: I would encourage teachers who teach gifted children take a few classes about Gifted Education. Even if you are a Regular Education teacher take a few classes. We all need the Credit Education Units (CEU’s) anyway to renew our certificates. There is a lot that can be gained from a class or two to give you a different perspective on gifted children and Gifted Education as a whole. If you don’t have time to do a class, there are webinars sponsored by NAGC, CEC, or SENG that can help you gain a better understanding of gifted education. Some universities off some MOOCs on Gifted Education and topics that are related to classroom management, gifted behaviors and characteristics.
  2. Use Social Media: There are a lot of people on social media that are associated with Gifted Education. Get into a Professional Learning Community (PLN), or start one yourself. Look to others for support, innovation, ideas, and information on classes, webinars, and MOOCs. Join a chat like #gtchat or #ohiogtchat to see what is going on in Gifted Education, and how you can contribute to spreading the need for Gifted Education.
  3.  Read Blogs and Watch Vlogs: To see what is going on with Gifted Education read blogs, and watch Vlogs (video blogs) . Both are a great source of help.
  4. Create a Parent / Educator Group: If you are able join a parent and educator group in your school district or in your community for support. Being a GIS can be a lonely place when you are the only one or one a few that service a large school district. If there isn’t one in your community or school district, then get with some like-minded people and start one.  Start small with chats over coffee, then add some others who mind like to join.
  5. Conferences: There are many different conferences that are offered in the Gifted Field. There are conferences for NAGC, OAGC, (and many other state conferences), SENG, and CEC. Going there will allow you meet other in the field, give you plenty of resources that will help you in the classroom.

Everyone wants to make a difference in the children they teach. They also want to make a mark in the field they teach. Being connected is a great way to do that. If you run into a teacher who is new to Gifted Education help them get connected. That way they can be informed and make a difference.



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