#Ohiogtchat is Back

As one of the moderators for #ohiogtchat (Heather Cachat is the other) I wanted to make an announcement that starting this Sunday Jan. 10th at 9pm ET will be our first chat of the year! We have a great line up of chats happening this year. I hope that you take a chance and check out our website, and take part in the chats. Just follow @jeff_shoemaker, @Heather Cachat, or follow the #ohiogtchat hashtag.

The #ohiogtchat is graciously sponsored by the Teacher Division of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children.  I want to encourage you to be a member, participate in the conferences, and use the resources that this awesome organization puts forth.

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Here is a few of the chats coming up. You can see the whole chat calendar on out website.

Jan. 10: Summer Camps, Summer ActivitiesWhat are some camps that your children have enjoyed that you want to share? What are some summer camps or activities you are looking forward to checking out? We will be discussing some summer camp options for multiple ages. Our featured guest for this chat is Patricia Farrenkopf (@emrsnpatty). She is talking about the Essex School for the Gifted at Otterbein University.

Jan 24: Critical Thinking: Questioning comes easily for gifted children, but what skills do they need to refine?

Feb 7: Other Achievement: when your child doesn’t achieve where you hope, in conjunction with Hoagies Gifted Blog Hop, @HoagiesGifted, http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/blog_hops.htm Guest Carolyn K. From Hoagies Gifted

Feb 28: Differentiation: A Review of Bertie Kingore’s works Teacher Academy Feb 29-March 1

If you haven’t had the chance to participate in a chat or you are now interested in seeing what we have already talked about please check out our transcripts.

We look forward to learning more with you during our chats.


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