Highlighting Student Voice

This year I have decided to highlight my students’ voice. I have some great students this year, and so I thought I would try to give them a forum to share some of their interest, some of their issues with things about their generation, and some of their reflections about the work we are doing in class.

I have decided to start small, and hopefully work into something a bit bigger. I am starting to brain storm ideas with my two 8th grade classes on creating a podcast, what the topics would be, what an identity the podcast would take, and a general format for the podcast. I told them to always keep in mind this is your show, and your personality should come out. The other thing I told them is to keep in mind the audience. The audience is made of peers their age. So I told them to aim for an age group of 7th-9th graders.

So far the brain storming sessions have been good. We are making progress, and I hope that it continues so I can get them to record their first show by the end of the month. I will post the links to their podcasts on this blog.

One new piece of technology that I have been fascinated with is Periscope. It is a live streaming app that is connected with Twitter. There are many great teachers using this app in their classroom. (Check out @DonWettrick on Periscope for a great example). I am going to try to use this as well. So look for me on Periscope (@jeff_shoemaker). I would love to have some feedback and conversations with anyone who wants to jump in with us.

I also decided this year that I am making my own YouTube channel. I haven’t posted anything yet, but in the coming days, I am planning to do some updates. Mostly every two weeks. I have found that by watching Don Wettrick YouTube channel for his class he is allowing everyone to peer into his class, and get a sense of what is going on. So I have decided that I will do the same. I want to show off my class to the world. They deserve it.

What is something new you are doing this year in your classes? Any new piece of technology that you are doing that is making your classes exciting? Share it with me in the comments section.


One thought on “Highlighting Student Voice

  1. Billie G. Mathews

    I am a teacher of the Gifted and a Doctoral student earning my PhD. I am currently researching the use of podcasting for elementary level bilingual (Spanish/English speaking) students in the area of mathematics. I plan to gain permission to conduct research with Gifted students producing podcasts for my dissertation.

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