Gifted Funding in Ohio

Everyone in education knows that money is important. So last week Judy Chaffins and Ann Sheldon testified in front of the Finance Commitee to talk about funding for gifted education. I am posting part of her email below with her permission. I am also providing links to the two documents she supplied; one is her full testimony and the other is her talking points for the committee.

Read below:

Just so you know, I testified on behalf of gifted in Allen County last Thursday to the House Finance Primary and Secondary Education Committee chaired by Bob Cupp. There were two of us: Ann Sheldon, Executive Director of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children, who spoke on behalf of the whole state on gifted, and myself, who tried to show them how our specific county has been impacted. We were asked to limit our remarks to 5 minutes each…which we did. But fortunately, the committee seemed very positive and they asked many questions. We left over an hour later, so we felt that was a good sign. I am attaching both my written testimony which you are required to submit prior (they post in on their webpage for all to download and read), plus my oral comments that I made to condense my talking points and keep my talk under 5 minutes. PS….go to the third page of my written testimony to get a glimpse of the funding for gifted in Allen County for the past number of years.

Representative Cupp started out by saying if it were up to him, he would mandate gifted services – so that was comforting…but not within his responsibility on the Finance Committee). But hopefully, he can legislate the funding to tie it to better requirements and improved services. Both Ann and I were quoted through several legislative news media as well, and I was much relieved when they were good quotes. šŸ™‚ You can read one version of those on the OAGC webpage under advocacy. There is also one from the Hannah legislative reporting service.

Gifted Testimony Bullet Points

Honorable Cupp


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