Makerspaces in the Gifted Classroom

This past weekend the OAGC Teacher Division held its bi-monthly #oagctdchat. They had Aaron Maurer as their guest, and they talked about Makerspaces. You can check out the transcript here.

I learned a lot about Makerspaces through the chat the other day. I came into the chat with some misconceptions about the philosophy and ideas behind the Makerspace movement. Some of those misconceptions included money, limitations to space, and assessments of Maker projects. I left the chat thinking this is definitely something I want to pursue.

One thing that really struck me as I participated in the chat was students don’t get time in the day to play. Below are two tweets that Aaron made that really hit home for me.


Students need to have time to tinker. I know there are assessments, tests and quizzes that students prepare for, but they need to think, plan, develop, and make things using the creative process. Students gifted or not need to have time to use their imaginations and make proto-types of inventions that could change the world.

As many of you know from reading this blog, that I love to use Project Based Learning in my classroom. This is a type of Makerspace. Having students solve problems that are real-world based are important. We talk about making students college ready, but how are when we give them a curriculum that is 2 miles wide and an inch deep. We must stretch our children educationally, and we do that when teachers offer things like PBL, Genius Hours, and Makerspaces.

If you use Evernote, they have a list of all of the resources that have been mentioned in all of #oagctdchat chats. I would suggest joining in the Note. It’s very helpful. Below are the resources that were shared for the Makerspaces chat.

For the Newsletter (Need a login)
Resources Mentioned From Our Chat
Makerspace Educators on Twitter

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