Parents and Teachers: Forming a Successful Partnership

Last Sunday the OAGC Teacher Division had a tweetchat with the topic about parents and teachers forming a successful partnership. (You can read the transcript here.) If you have time, check out their website, and join in the chat. All you have to do is follow the #oagctdchat hash tag. Also check out their resources on this topic.

Parents and teachers need to work together. There needs to be communication from both. There are some things that teachers need to do to help support parents. Here are a few things we talked about in the chat:

  • Teachers use parents as valuable resources
  • Teachers find and dispense good information on current research, articles, websites, and support groups
  • Teachers reinforce the idea that they along with parents will advocate for their child

Parents can support teachers in areas like this:

  • Parents share with their child’s teacher their strengths and weaknesses
  • Parents share the needs of their twice-exceptional children
  • Parents share the  overexcitabilities of their child with their teacher
  • Parents share their child’s interests and their learning styles with their teacher

There is always some ways that teachers and parents can work together. From my view, there seems to be more parent involvement when the children are younger than when they are older. Elementary teachers seem to have a better sense of communication than middle and high school teachers.

As a middle school teacher there isn’t much parent involvement, and on the other hand I don’t reach out to my parents very much. I personally don’t know why. I think it may stem that most parents work during the day, and I don’t want to bother them. I do send home things that are going on in the community and the surrounding areas that may be of interest to them or their child.

Teachers how do you support your parents? Parents how do you support your child’s teacher?


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