Gifted Characteristics and Learning Environments


I started reading a really great book called Designing Defensible Classroom Programs for Gifted Secondary School Learners. As I started really reading this book, I saw some charts that I think every teacher and parent should see.

These charts have descriptors on them that describe Cognitive, Creative, and Social-Emotional Characteristics of gifted children. It also has an area on the chart that describes the type of learning environment that is best suited for that learner.

Here are the 3 Different Gifted Characteristics charts. I hope that you can check them out and recognize which learning style is best for your students and/or your own child.


One thought on “Gifted Characteristics and Learning Environments

  1. Sonia White

    It was a heart warming experience, Jeff, to read your unsolicited endorsement of my book. I am ever hopeful that it will further inspire really great teachers, as we all learn so much from each other.


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