Announcing a New Chat!

I am glad to be part of the Ohio Association for Gifted Children’s Teacher Division. I am on the committee that helps get information and ideas to teachers in Ohio. In one of our committee meetings in the late spring, we decided it should be our goal to get every teacher who is part of the OAGC to be connected in some form. One way we thought would be a good way to get everyone connected is through social media. We decided that we would sponsor a tweetchat: #oagctdchat to be held on selected Sundays at 9pm EST.  (Check our website for details).

We began to first set up a website to help to advertise the chat. Its has so much information on it. I invite you to check it out. It has the schedule of dates, topics, and much more.

We, The Teacher Division of OAGC, are asking you to join in on our first chat which will be Nov. 9th at 9pm EST. Follow the (hastag) #oagctdchat for details, and the chat on Sunday Nov. 9th. Second, we are asking you to share this information with other gifted education teachers, coordinators, parents, and gifted advocates. Invite them to check out the website, and join in on our chat. Not only help us get Ohio educators connected, but all educators connected.


I saw the picture above, and knew that I had to add that to this post because, I couldn’t say it any better. Are you a connected educator? If so that’s awesome. If not, why not? Check out our website and join our chat.

Get plugged in and get connected. What are you waiting for?


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