The Love of Your GrandParents

I am blessed. I grew up with grandparents who loved and supported me through out my life. Each of my grandparents were unique, but I was lucky to have them in my life.

I lost my Grandpa Ray in 1990. That was the first time I had experienced the death of someone so close. He taught me persevere when you are working on a project. He was an awesome handyman. He was the ultimate jack of all trades. I feel like I lost him way to early.

In 2000, I lost my Grandma Gennie. She was a lover of the formal. She loved manners and teaching them to me. She also loved music. She spend hours and hours teaching me how to play the piano, even though she was sick from Multiple Sclerosis. I feel that I didn’t get to know her as well as I wish I could have. She encouraged me while in high school, and pushed me to be successful in college.

In 2010, I lost my Grandpa Dick. I was pretty close to him. I spent my life at their house as a young child. My Grandpa was an upholsterer. He has his own business for most of my life until he retired. He imparted his political views on me. He loved to talk politics, wear red socks, do puzzles in the newspaper, and play chess. He loved Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, and watched them every night. He guided me of often with great advice. I miss his presence dearly.


Grandma Jeanette and I just a few weeks ago.

Sunday night, Nov. 19th at around 11:30 pm I lost my Grandma Jeanette. There was always coffee for you and kiss and hug at the door when you walked out.  She loved everyone of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.She shared all she had with those around her. Growing up she always can Reese Cups in the cupboard and cold Pepsi in the fridge. She taught me how to love and share with those around me. She showed me how family must come first. My Grandpa Dick may be the bricks of the foundation of our family, but my Grandma was the cement that held everything together.

She loved that there were so many teachers in our family, since her mother was a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. She told us stories of how she fell in love with grandpa at young age (early teens) and they stuck it out. She was proud of her family and loved to share what they were doing with those who came to visit and drink the ever-flowing hot coffee.

She is going to be missed.

It seems like I am at the age (40) where the elders in my family are passing away. In the passed several months my wife and I have had to bury several in our family. Some left this world too young, like Jackie Sebastiano, and my wife’s mother Arnena Hamilton. They were both spit fires by the way. They remind me much of Grandma. From the first time I met them I was family.

I know death is just a part of life. I just I could deal with it better.

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