What a Day

I am here at the OAGC Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio. I love coming here becuase I learn a lot. (If you want to see what everyone is posting check out the hash tag #oagc2014).

Today I learned about executive function and how it relates to gifted children.


I knew that gifted children need to be encouraged,  but at times we need to intentionally help them get noticed. The slide above points out a few ways to do that.

I also learned more about acceleration. Parents want the best for their children. At times we have to either subject or grade accelerate. So you need to look who should be accelerated first based on data.


The slide above indicates who are good candidates. But you have to weigh the needs of the students with the wants of the teacher or family.  The have to look at the data and keep the emotions in check. Let the data speak for the students.

Overall I have learned a lot.  When I get the chance I will post some links to some of the sessions I went to so you can see the power point presentation of the sessions that I went to.

Tomorrow I will post my treasures from the sessions I attend tomorrow.


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