Scratch(in’) My Head


This week I am introducing Scratch to my students. None of my students have ever used it before. In fact, none of them have ever heard of it before. So this is something that I plan on taking slow. I started out today with some back ground on Scratch, and how it works. I showed a sample video (below) so they can see what they will be doing over the next several weeks.

After we watched the video, I had the students get online and log on to Scratch. Once they were on I gave them the following assignment:

I want you create a scene, any scene, and see what you can do with the blocks. Share what you did with the class after the timer goes off. (The timer was set for 45 minutes.)

I was amazed at what my students could do after about 20 minutes of practice. They had simple scenes, and had a good idea what most of the blocks were for. For a group of students who knew nothing about Scratch, they progressed pretty well today. Obviously we have a long road ahead of us, but it is a beginning.

After the timer went off, and each student was putting the finishing touches to their scene, each student shared their scene. There was much diversity in what the students created. Some created a dance scene, some created a desert scene; and some created scenes they had no real point. What I liked about each scene was the fact that the students really tried hard to make use of the command blocks.  

I hope in the coming weeks, that my students continue to progress, and I can share some of their projects with you. 

What are you doing that is new in your classroom that your students are excited about?


One thought on “Scratch(in’) My Head

  1. Amy Martin

    I just found your blog. Just in time because I am planning on doing a coding unit with my 5th grade gifted students studying engineering this year. I’m a first year gifted teacher, (former 4th and 5th grade) and looking for all the help I can get! Thank you for the resources!!


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