Big Dreams for 2014

If you are going to dream….dream big. I have heard that said many times. This year I am using that as a starting point. I thought I would take this post to outline some of my dreams for the year.

Dream 1: New Websites

This  year I decided that I would use technology to communicate with teachers, parents, and students. I created a class website, and as a Gifted and Talented Department we created a department website as a coordinating location with information on  what we are doing as a department for parents and teachers. I hope you can check them out. I think they look awesome, and have a lot of information.

Dream 2: Hour of Code

This year for the first semester of school I am teaching my students to Code. We will first start out with Scratch, then move on to more complex as the year goes on. After the first semester is over if students want to continue to Code then I will allow them to continue. I believe this will be something new for my students. It will stretch them, and I think that many of them will want to continue this activity throughout the year.

Dream 3: Genius Hour

The second semester I want to incorporate Genius Hour into my class. This is the one hour per week my students will get the chance to explore something they are passionate about or they want to know more about. I believe this will allow my students to be free and creative about what they want to learn.

Dream 4: Student Blogs

I decided that at some point during the school year I am going to incorporate students blogs. I want them to post once or twice a month about what they are doing. (I only have my students one day a week.) I hope that my students will continue to blog on their own more than the minimum.

I will continue to do Project Based Learning (PBL) in my classroom. My students did a great job at the projects they participated in. PBL really challenged my students last year. I streamlined many different aspects of the projects from last year which I think will help my students progress through the units a bit smoother.

Over all, I have a lot of dreams this school year. I hope that it turns out great, and it not be a nightmare. As, always, I will keep posting about my students, class, and issues that come up as the year progresses. I hope everyone has a great school year.

Dream big!


One thought on “Big Dreams for 2014

  1. Alicia Ellis

    I have been surveying your site as a fox scouts a henhouse before pouncing! I want to steal the whole thing, slap my name on it, and just move forward. Great job of inspiring me! I’m doing just about the same things as you are, just with younger grades. Good luck!


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