What’s in a Name

For the past few weeks the heated topic of our School Board changing the name of our football stadium from Lima Stadium to Spartan Stadium has been all over the local news in print and broadcast. I don’t understand it. There are more important things in our community that need to be dealt with. I do understand that the stadium has a history, and many in the community are proud of our football stadium.

The last school board meeting was packed with people in favor for the change and those who oppose it. Once the matter was completely done at the meeting those people left and th board continued to do it’s job of running our school district. My issue is there any things in our district that need to be addressed, and the community isn’t focused on it.

Our school district opened a medical clinic in our high school open to the students, staff and community,  and it hired a new community resource officer to work with our children. We added more sports to our high school to attract more kids to our district. That’s just the beginning!

The stadium still stands, and teams will play there dispite the name change, but we need to turn to what is really important in our school district. We need to focus on the needs of our children.

As we are finishing our first week of school for this year it has been awesome to see everyone showing so much school spirit and pride for our district. I hope the same is happening at your school.


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