What a Day!



Last Friday I took my students on a highly anticipated field trip to COSI. COSI is the Columbus Museum of Science and Industry. The two-hour bus ride from Lima to Columbus was fun. My students talked, and sang songs all the way down to COSI. Most of my students have never been to COSI before, so this trip was awesome.

I learned a lot about my students from this trip. I learned just how inquisitive they really are. My students asked questions, and tried a lot of new things. I learned what some of their science interests are. I learned that my students can be responsible. I allowed my students to walk freely with the chaperones just walking the building. My students went to some of the shows and demonstrations on their own and they learned a lot.

During t I learned that my students have an incredible appetite for knowledge. They all learned something at the museum. They didn’t hold back at all at trying some experiments or listening to hallway presenters do mini experiments.

I was so proud of my students. They represented their school, their families, and themselves very well. I couldn’t have been more proud.


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