Catching my Breath

The last few weeks have been busy here. My classes are working on their Project Based Learning units. This one will be the last one of the year since we only have a few class meetings left before summer starts. Four of my classes are writing, acting in, and editing their Mythbuster’s Video project. The fifth class is designing a cross-country vacation for a family of four. The projects have been keeping me pretty busy.

My Tuesday through Friday groups are in various places in their Mythbuster’s projects. We started to film last week on Thursday and Friday. I can’t wait to show those videos off to everyone. My students are working hard at it.

My Monday group just wrapped up its vacation project. They have been planning on taking a family of four from Washington D.C to Seattle Washington with some cool stops along the way. I am impressed with what they came up with, and how they allotted their budget.

On the burner now is the field trip that I am taking my students on in two weeks. We will be going to COSI in Columbus, Ohio. COSI stands for Center of Science and Industry. It is an awesome museum with so many hands-on activities for children and adults to do. I will post about this trip after it occurs. I should have a lot of pics and stories to share.

Next week we will have our state exams, the Ohio Achievement Assessments. My students are somewhat nervous. Some aren’t. I continually encourage them to do their best on the tests. Generally my students do well on these exams. The one thing I worry about now is will there be enough growth from their previous year’s score. I don’t know, but we will soon find out.

So, with just a few weeks before the school year is out, try to catch your breath. Enjoy these last few weeks with your students. I know I am trying. particularly with my 8th graders. I will miss them as they move on to the high school. I have watched these students grow from little 3rd graders into teenagers. I know they will be successful in the high school. I also know many will continue to keep in touch.

How are you doing with catching your breath with all of the end of the year activities your school is doing before summer starts?


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