A Personal Note

This was a tough weekend for my family. My wife lost her Grandmother on Saturday. Her name was Ody. She was a wonderful Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Ever since I came into the family she has treated me like I was always been one of the family. She was a unique woman. She remembered things you said, and she would sometimes buy you gifts based on the conversations  that you would have. Ody was a giver. She worked for 30 years at the Logan County Department of  Jobs and Family Services. She died at age 86.

Death. It’s a hard fact. How do we as parents of small children express death to them? Well, you must do it tactfully, and with a lot of kindness. My children lost their Great Grandmother, and they are sad. Our older children understand death to a point, but my four-year old doesn’t get it. She knows she is in heaven with her family that is waiting for her there. I know that in the coming days, my youngest daughter Grace will continue to try to understand the concept of death.

Last night, we sat around our home, celebrating their Great Grandmother. We talked about her, shared stories about her, and shared some videos about her with each other. It was fun. It shifted the focus from Ody’s death to celebrating her life.

So, if you have grandmothers and great grandmothers give them a visit. Let them know you love them. Below is the last two videos that I recorded with my four-year old and her Great Grandmother watching and singing some of her favorite songs to her.





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