Figuring Out a Mystery

I am not sure if I shared this here or not, but I am one of the three GISs in my school district. When the State grade card came out we were shocked to see that we had an ‘F’. It was published in the morning news paper, and read by all the community. Embarrassment, anger, and shock filled my heart. We worked so hard challenging and motivating our students to do thier best on the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAAs).

So we set out on a mission.  We had to find out why we received the ‘F’. We contacted the everyone in our district who may have any clue to help us figure this out.  It really got us nowhere.

So we contacted the county ESC. We got a few clues, but not the complete picture. The county Gifted Coordinator lead us into some new leads, but after five months of trying to solve this mystery we are really no closer than we started.

To date we have found that our superior cognitive students count towards our grade. The grade itself is a district grade (which doesn’t take the sting away), and only counts for students who are in 3rd to 8th grade. We don’t know how to figure out the so called complicated calculatation for growth on the OAAs from the State. We also don’t know how to calculate AYP (annual yearly growth).

We still have so many more questions. Once a student is labeled gifted, and the label changed from superior cognitive in the second grade to creative thinking in the fifth grade which label does the State count? How does students who opt out of gifted services affect the gifted score for the district?

If you are reading this, and live in Ohio and can help me please email me at If you can’t help me, but know someone who can please have them email me.

Our goal is to raise this score. If you have any advise for us please let me know in the comments section or email me.


One thought on “Figuring Out a Mystery

  1. The Mom Advocate

    My understanding is that the label sticks the entire time the child stays enrolled in OH schools. So if they are ID’d as superior cognitive in 2nd, that ID is retained throughout the rest of their schooling. I didn’t know the state would recognize a reassignment of label.

    I’m very curious to figure out the scoring as well. I spent some time with the state’s published excel spreadsheet trying to do a regression on the variables, and I couldn’t come up with anything that made sense, though there was a strong correlation to the fraction of gifted ID students served.

    FWIW, I still can’t believe our district scored an ‘A’. The district underserves by a huge proportion (44% ID, 6% served). Our district keeps the majority with superior cognitive ID in the general ed stream with no chance for higher level instruction or formal differentiation. The only way to get services is to also bubble in some m/c questions with nearly 100% accuracy no later than 3rd grade (math AND reading at 95th percentile).


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