#100 Pursue your own ignorance

Our first Guest Blogger is Matt Fuentes is the founder of 100 habits of successful educators. He is a special education teacher in the NYC DOE and is currently earning his Ed.D in Educational Leadership. He is an avid surfer, reader, and believer in all teachers as public intellectuals. When not teaching or writing, he enjoys reading to his 8-month-old daughter. Follow him on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

Welcome ignorance into your life. Realizing and acting on this notion opens one’s eyes to the infinite amount of wisdom that lies around them. By pursuing knowledge and welcoming ignorance, we invite fresh ideas and methods into our lives. Not only does measurable success follow, but also the ability to leave a bland professional landscape behind you. Access information across a varied spectrum and use it in your life.

“Consciously admit what you don’t know and the seed of curiosity will germinate.”

Many educators loathe long academic articles and bland educational textbooks. Furthermore, many feel tied down to content subject material. “If you’re an educator, you HAVE to read things about education.”  Incorrect.

Choice plays a critical role. Choosing a topic or publication that peeks an interest will illicit habits of knowledge gain. Thus, knowledge attained is applied to your personal and professional life. Ignorance is a friend.  Enjoy the company.  Pursue what you don’t know and want to learn. Spark curiosity and allow it to flourish everywhere.



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