Diagram This!

Today my gifted students and I are starting a new project based unit Mythbusters. We are designing two projects based on urban myths that they will have to debunk or prove to be true. They will create their own Mythbusters style video proving or debunking an urban myth. They will post a video of their “episode” on YouTube. One group is looking into the idea that enough cell phones piled together could pop popcorn. The other group is looking to see if the sensors in the road are set off by weight or by magnets.

To begin class we used everyone’s collective brains to break each project into the basic parts. We used the idea of Mind Maps. We started this on the board and then they will add more details to it on mindmup.com. They will then add it to their portfolio. I know these diagrams could be more creative.

I was the scribe, and my students were the ones who decided the topics and arrows. It was one of the best days on diagramming we have had in a long time. I feel like after four projects my students are finally getting the idea of breaking down their projects into manageable parts.

Phone Diagram

phones diagram

Traffic Sensor Diagram

traffic light


Do you use diagramming and Mind Maps in your classroom? How do you use them?


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