National Signing Day

For the past few weeks we have watched the news and seen several of the area high school seniors signing their intent to play a sport at a college. Don’t get me wrong, those athletes worked hard, and it’s an awesome thing to be awarded a full scholarship to a university. I just feel we need to fuss over the scholars of our high schools who get a full scholarship to study at a university.

I am a realist. I know that its football and basketball that brings in a ton of money for universities. But our culture doesn’t progress on the backs of quarterbacks or power forwards; it progresses through the hard work of scientists, physicists, college students and researchers. It progresses with explorers who trample the rain forest for some plant that could lead to a vaccine or cancer remedy. Its scholars who our society foward. Athletes help us enjoy hobbies and past-times.

I feel that we as a culture need to do more to show off our scholars. There are some brilliant young people in our high schools that had entered and won the Google Science competitions, or won in the Science Olympiads. There are young people who are inventing apps and programs to run our computers, tablets, and smart phones. Things won’t change until a high school or counselor brings in the print and broadcast news to show off their scholars signing to study at a university.

I hope this changes in my lifetime. What do you think? I am wrong? Am I blowing this out of proportion?


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