Common Core, Assessments and Gifted Education

Over the past few weeks I have noticed more and more Gifted advocates coming out either against or for the Common Core. Here are just a few of the latest articles:

I really haven’t made up my mind yet as to how I feel about the standards. I personally am still trying to figure it out and how it will affect my students. I have read many view points in emails, blogs, and in some magazine articles. The battle is on for education in America. What I do like about this battle is for the first time in a long time the students at the top are in the forefront. Gifted students often left out because many feel they can survive school on their own with little direct instruction. By the way isn’t true. No child regardless of ability should be left to just survive school. They should be driven to thrive in school.

Yesterday, a friend of mine on tag me in a tweet. The tweet contained a great video by Dr. Christ Tienken. You can check out his website and blog here. This video is very good. Its full of facts and ideas. I will let you make your own decision if you agree or disagree with what Dr. Tienken suggests. I would like to hear what you have to say after you watch the video below.


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