What I Love About Teaching Gifted Children

This is topic that I love to talk about. I get asked ever so often why I love to teach gifted children. Well, the answer isn’t complicated, but it is long and detailed. I will spare you the long and detailed and try to put it into manageable terms.

What I love about teaching gifted children is the fact that I am not always the teacher. There are times that I can be in the role of facilitator and sometimes student. I have some very smart and talented children in my classroom. Some just need guidance. Some have a desire to teach what they know and learn. So I can flip between both facilitator and student.

Another aspect that I love about teaching gifted children is the fact that their interests are so varied and yet sometimes can defy their personality. I have had some students who love gaming, and yet I wouldn’t know it without some conversations. I have some who are science fiction lovers, and yet their love for their interest doesn’t make them less interesting. Their interests and hobbies are what make them who they are, but not all of them. That’s what I love. They are so complicated, and multi-sided. I get to have my students for two years. After those two years I get to know my students pretty well.

I love how creative my students are. There are many times everyday that I am amazed at how they come up with solutions to problems, or how they see the project they are working on will end. Many times its nothing how I would have done it, but it still works. Not only does it work, they can defend the reasoning behind it. That is an aspect of gifted and talented children I will never get tired of.

Finally, what I love about working with gifted children is being their advocate. I try to educate myself with as much education that I can to not only teach them, but to help educate their regular education teachers. Periodically, I send out an email that is a “Minute for Gifted” where I send out a link to a blog post, or a resource and show how they can be used in the classroom. I to keep it short and to the point. Sometimes regular education teachers will let me know what I sent them was good. Sometimes they just don’t get it.

I feel to have a love for gifted children you must have an open heart to understand these complicated little souls. Do you have that open heart? What do you love about teaching gifted children?

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