Another #PBL Snowy Update

If you live in the Midwestern states in the U.S. you know this has not been an average winter. We have had above average snow fall, and more than enough days when the temperate would fall to -20ºF. With that type of weather you can guess we have missed a massive amount of days this winter from school. In my district alone we have missed 13 days of school. To be honest, this weather has messed up my calendar for my students.

As I mentioned before in previous posts, that I tried this year to set goals for my students by using a calendar that would be posted to they would know when their due dates were, and when they are to conference with me. With all the days we missed it has been a little difficult to manage the calendar. But in the end, I think it is going to be alright. The missed days hasn’t really dampened the work my students have done. It has just made them rethink where they were going in their projects. It’s almost like a reset button was pushed for many of my students.

Even though we missed a lot of days, it hasn’t really affected my students too much. They were at home so much, I think many of my students were ready to come to school. The only area that was affected in their projects is the amount of work that was put into it. The just haven’t had the time in the classroom to work on their projects.

I hope in a few weeks to have more of an update on how my students are doing with their projects. I really hope to see an improvement from their last project. We will see if I have to adjust anything else as we go though this process.

Other than the weather, I just can’t complain about much.


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