Blog Hopping for #Gifted Education

I was looking through my feed this morning trying to get a feel for what was out there in the blogosphere. I scrolled down through the several hundred blogs I follow and a few thoughts hit me. One thought  was the fact that I follow some of the most talented bloggers on the face of the earth in the fields of Education and Gifted Education. The other thought was a little more profound:  what would happen if a large handful of these talented bloggers coordinate their skill and talent to flood the blogosphere with blogs based on a theme.

Last October or November I participated in a Blog Hop. Basically a blog hop is volunteers would submit a blog post based on a theme to one central place and then people could hop through the blogs. This is a great way for people to read the ideas of others on a theme. It also helps to gain more readers and followers of your blog.

So if this works, then I think I will host one every month all based on a theme. I will put out a twtpoll the first week of the month to get some ideas out there of what everyone would like to blog about. Once you have your chosen blog topic you write about it. You can do one of the following in regards to posting your blog:

1. Post your blog on your website, and email ( or tweet (@jeff_shoemaker) a link to me, and I will create a post with everyone’s blog link.

2. You can write your post and email ( it to me. I will post it to my blog as you being the guest blogger.

I hope that you join me in doing this. I can’t wait to read, share, and learn with you as these blogs go live.

So for this month, to kick things off here is your challenge:

Topic: What is your favorite aspects of teaching gifted children?

Send a link, or tweet me your link to your blog post by Thursday Feb. 20th. 





4 thoughts on “Blog Hopping for #Gifted Education

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  2. This might be an idea to pass along to the published authors of Great Potential Press! I’m thinking about including it in the monthly newsletter but the next one isn’t until late February.

    1. I want to thank you Terry for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. I have never head of those authors, but if you can tell me how to get in touch with them, I will. Also, please add it to your newsletter. i also hope that you join me as well. in the #gtbloghop as well.

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