Can Gifted Students Realize their Gifts?

With this winter, we have had our share of snow days. Currently, we have been off for several days because of the severe cold temperatures and snow accumulation.

With that said, I have had so much to ponder on with these snow days.  I couldn’t help ponder how I can get my gifted students to realize their amazing gifts. Every year, I have so many smart and talented students who, I feel, don’t fully understand what their gifts are, and how they will benefit them in school and in the future.

So, how can I get my students to realize what their talent is, and how it will help them in school and in the future? I think the first place to look to help students realize their gifts is for them to find out how they learn best.  Gifted Intervention Specialists need to take some time to talk to each of their students to find out how they learn best. Are your students auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learners?Edutopia has an article that has a quiz where you find out what your learning style is.

I took to twitter the other day and posed the question “How do you get your gifted students to realize their gifts?” I got a few responses that really made me think.

I completely agree with Adam, that gifted students need to struggle. Sometimes in their regular class you they may not get the challenge they need to grow. By struggling these students go through a challenge that will make them grow. During that struggle, gifted students will find their gifts. I also  believe they will find their strengths and hopefully they will notice their weaknesses and work to make them stronger. I love the art of struggle to find and to hone their strengths for a life of success outside of the classroom. Now there is a difference between being overwhelmed and struggle. Make sure you know the difference. We don’t want to break our students, we want to challenge and stretch our students minds and abilities.

Finally, I agree with @teachagiftedkid, in the fact that to know your students and hear what they think are their strengths and weaknesses are in to sit down with each of your students and talk. I schedule a time to sit down with each of my students and talk about their progress of their project. We also talk about what they are struggling with, and what they see as the next steps to their project. By asking just a few open-ended questions, I can gain a lot of information and assessment about their project.

So, what are you doing to get your gifted students to realize their gifts? I love to see your responses on Twitter by using #giftedstudentsrealize. Let’s continue this talk with a large audience, and see what we find out together.


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