Ever Used a Priority Matrix?

I decided that I would break for a while during the Christmas Holiday from blogging. I tried to cutback a little bit on social media, and such just so I can spend some time with my family.

Now that school is back in session, I want to talk about an app that I discovered over the holidays. Its called Priority Matrix. There is an app for it on the Google Play store and the Apple Store.


This is an organizational tool that you can use to help organize the things you need to complete for a project at home or at school. As you can see I started a project that I plan on using and adding to help keep my classroom running a bit smoother and with some consistency. As I am using this more often I am finding there is so much that can be done with this app. By changing the quadrant headings it can be used for projects my students are doing. For example, my students could have headings such as “Resources, Needs, Central Questions, and What I don’t know”.

This could also be used in all subjects. For example, while your students are reading a book they could use the matrix to write down “Plot, Characters, Settings, Vocabulary Words/Words I don’t Know”. It could be implemented in Math, or Science as well. Sometimes you don’t need all four quadrants. If you do a Pros and Cons or a Strength and Weakness of arguments then you two of the quadrants.

I know the more I use this Matrix I will find more uses for it. I know my students can benefit from using it, and my classroom could more smoothly if I take full advantage of it.

Do you think you cold use this in your classroom or as a tool for your students?


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