I have been Humbled

For the past two weeks, I have been humbled and honored. Let me share with you a few events that have transpired.

Just a few short weeks ago I was asked by Peter Lyndon to write a guest blog post for Ireland’s Gifted Awareness Week 2013. The post I wrote was about what’s your passion about Gifted Education. There are so many qualified gifted advocates that submitted blog posts. I was an honor to be included in that list.

Mona Chicks If School Isn’t Doing It, Who Can?
#edchatie Challenging Gifted Children in the Mixed-Ability Classroom
Gifted and Talented Ireland ‘Challenging Gifted Children in the mixed-ability classroom’ #edchatie links
Dr. James T. Webb The Importance of Gifted Awareness
Jeffrey Shoemaker What’s Your Passion?
Roya Klingner Just Like A “Miracle”
Seomra Ranga  Gifted Education Awareness
Joanna Pearman SPEAK – Supporting Parents of Exceptionally Able Kids
Debbie Smith Kia Kaha Ireland – Gifted Awareness Week 2013

If you get time, please check out the list above. There is some wonderful information from highly qualified advoates. It truly is impressive.

The second event that humbled me came in the form of an email. Just the other day I recieved an email from Lisa Conrad, who moderates #gtchat on twitter, informing me one of my blog posts was chosen to be included in the TAGT Pulse. Pulse is their email newsletter sent out to their membeship.

They included a post of mine about what Gifted Education isn’t. I know the list isn’t comprehensive, but gives a good idea what Gifted Education is and isn’t.

I never would have thought that just a few years ago when I started this blog, I would have become friends with some great people who are wonderful and talented. I publically thank you all. You are all my heroes for what you do, and what you continue to do day in and day out.


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