Business of Education

Education is a process. Education is personal. Education can’t be a model of  a business. This is what the Ohio Board of Education seems to want to move to. They have decided that Gifted Education isn’t important. They have decided that Gifted Students don’t need to be serviced. They have decided that what is important to a small population of a school system isn’t important enough to fund.

Here is what the Ohio Board of Education has decided. They give the districts money, let the local community determine what they value, look at the student achievement data to see if they are “producing” and then the districts can decide how to spend their money without us holding them accountable in the traditional ways. I don’t thing this is the way that education should go.  This is why we need more people to be advocates for our gifted children.

I would like to make a comparison of Gifted Education and Special Education. In the 1970’s Special Education advocates were out in strong force to help these children be more successful in school and in life. They finally got IDEA passed. Can you see Special Education funded like they are proposing how Gifted Education should be funded? People would be outraged! These special groups of students need to be challenged and supported in their own unique ways.

Make sure you contact your State Board of Education and tell them how you feel. That what they are proposing is not right. Remember these people are not elected. They are appointed, They need to know that this policy isn’t in the best interests of gifted children. I am including their email addresses below for us to email.

 Todd Jones (Chair  — Achievement Committee),
Debe Terhar (State Board President),
Tom Gunlock (State Board Vice President)
Joe Farmer (Member, Achievement Committee)
Ann Jacobs (Member, Achievement Committee)
Sarah Fowler (Member, Achievement Committee)
Tess Elshoff (Member, Achievement Committee)
Ron Rudduck
Kathleen McGervey
Michael Collins
Deborah Cain
Jeffrey Mims
Stephanie Dodd
Mary Rose Oakar
Bryan Williams
Mark A Smith
Darryl Mehaffie
Representative Gerald Stebelton
Senator Peggy Lehner
Ben Kanzeg

To get a little bit more of a handle on what people are thinking about the new operating standards go to the link below:

When we stand together we are much stronger than if we are fractured.


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