My PBL Journal

Since this year I have moved to a Project Based Learning classroom, I thought that I would let everyone know how things are going. I am really excited to move to this format. I feel that this format will definitely have a positive impact on my students.

Below is a picture of my project wall. I created differnt projects for my students over the summer. I color coded them so my students can see what subjects they can choose from.  The one in the middle is pink, and that is a whole class project. The purple ones are math, ELA is blue, green is science, and social studies is yellow. I will rotate these out every nine weeks.

project wall


Last week, was the first week of having my students, I introduced them to the process of PBL. We set up our project portfolios, and began to research on our project. I decided that I would need to do a whole class project to start the year so that my students would become familiar with the process of setting up the paperwork for their project.

What I did to help my students I went over the project contract. We went over how to fill it out, and what the purpose of the contract was. One aspect of the contract I like is the fact that I have my students writing out the content standards in their own words after I explain the standard to them. This way they have an idea of what they are to do.  Then we looked at what skills are needed to be learned, and how they will show what they learned from the standard that correlates to their project.  The last part of this project contract is the goal. The students came up with an overall goal of the project.


The next step that we will be going over in the next few weeks is how to create a rubric, and they will design their rubric based on their project. This is something that I did last year, and most of my students enjoyed making the rubric because they already knew how to get an ‘A’ on their project.


One aspect that my students are struggling with is creating a calendar of what they plan on doing to get their project done on time. They don’t have good planning skills, which I hope that I can help improve over the course of the year.

That’s as far as we have gone.  As I said ealier, I wil keep everyone in the loop as how my year goes. If you have any suggestions, and ways to help me in challenging my students let me know. Make some comments below, or email me I would love to hear from you.



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