How do you see the Common Core?

Earlier this week I wrote a post about how I am developing my own curriculum with the Common Core. After reading a great comment from Peter Lyndon I thought I woukd need to expand my thinking on the Common Core. Here is part of what he said:

The Common Core will have to include a component that gives teachers permission to go beyond the curriculum and not just up to it.

The past few days I have thought about that comment.  I began to look at the Common Core a little differently. I think the Common Core has to be looked at in a certain way that benefits the students.

I have decided to look at the Coomon Core as a trestle board. A floor plan if you will. Its the place where you start, but its not the end all be all. There has to more than what’s written. Even though you can see what is written there has to be some of your own finger prints on the trestle board. We need to show there is more than the floor in the plan. You will need to design the rooms and how they will flow along with the paint color. That’s what needs to be done with the Common Core. Teachers need to see the Common Core as a place to start with so much room for creative imprints.

I guess its how you look at it. You can see the Common Core as a end all be all or you can see it as a starting point. How do you see the Common Core? 


One thought on “How do you see the Common Core?

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