Summer is Here…Now What?

Well for most of us teachers summer has started. Many of us get part time jobs for the summer to stay busy, and some get full time jobs. Others work on curriculum, get some extra PD, and other work on their craft in some way. Then there is some of us who work on crafts and hobbies during the summer. I think all are valid types of activities. I personally like to do a combination of all of those. I have in the past gotten jobs to get extra money, and work on projects on my house that have been put off until I had more time.

This summer, I am trying to set a few professional goals. I figure I have been teaching for 13 years, and now I need to really begin to hone in on some skills that I need to improve on. Here are a few summer goals that I am hoping to accomplish:

1. Blog weekly on topics that I think are important or relevant to Gifted and to education

2. Read some books and articles about Project based learning (which I am really excited about doing next year)

3. Be active on twitter and G+ to learn more about PBL, gifted issues, and other education ideas

4. Work on developing a lesson plan format that I can use that meets the needs of my students

5. Find a MOOC or PD session that fits my schedule and time table.

6. Find simple ways to involve technology into my classroom that will help to develop my students creativity

One of my major goals in life is to get a Ph. D. in Gifted Education. Life is hard, and sometimes gets in the way, or may be life happens when you aren’t looking. I hope this summer to have my application in to a school and start classes next school year. We will see. The other overall goal I have is to be a National Certified Teacher. I hope to do that at sometime in my teaching career.

I know that I may not meet all of the goals I have this summer. My kids are busy with sports and activities. I have plans to do some family vacations, and some travel with my wife. Goals are important, but family must come first.

What plans or goals do you have professionally?


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