Great Summer Time App

I know summer break is just around the corner. I know those of us who like to travel some during the summer months will enjoy this app. The Field Trip App is a must have. It is a free at the iTunes Store, and in Google Play.

After downloading the app, you go to the settings icon, and it allows you to customize what you want to be notified on. It has a huge gallery of information ranging from art galleries, historical markers inside and outside of the United States. You can choose your interests in categories such as Historic Places and Events, and Food, Drinks and Fun, to the Cool and Unique. Once you have customized it to meet your requests and interests set how often you want to be notified. When you come across something that is your interest your iPod, iPhone, tablet, or Android device will send you a notification with a buzz or a bell ringing. Then a picture or information about the interest will come up on the screen.

I like this app for a couple of reasons. One reason is when you are going through your hometown you may come across some new things you didn’t realize were there. Your hometown may surprise you. Another reason is that when you go to a new place for the first time you may not know what is there in the city that interests you. This app lets you see and find it.

I have been using this app for the past month. I have taken one road trip outside of my hometown in that time period, and I came across some cool things in a neighboring county that I didn’t know was there.

This is such a great app. My kids love it. They were amazed at what was actually in our hometown. It really opened their eyes to some great information about where they live. If it did that to my kids, I know it will do that to yours. I have encouraged my students to download it to their devices and use it. I have asked them to sent me screenshots of some of the cool places they come across this summer.

How would you use this in and outside of the classroom?

Never Stop Exploring!


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