Every Child needs a Champion

This week, I have watched this video several times. He resonates with me. Rita Pierson is a veteran teacher who talks about how education is relationships. The line she says that has the most impact on me was “children don’t learn from people they don’t like.”

I know relationships are important. My wife is very good at building relationships with her students. She has a way with that. I have learned a lot from her. I am always amazed at how many of her juniors and seniors find her on Facebook, or invite her to their graduation parties. Many will call her and ask her to be a reference for jobs. She knows the importance of relationships.

I try hard to build relationships with my students. It is part of my classroom Manifesto. I have my students for several years. So they get to know me, and I them.

Check out what she says, and let me know how relationships in education have changed the way you teach.


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