I will not let an Exam Result Decide my Fate

This week my students are taking their Ohio Achievement Assessments in Math, Reading, and Science. It seems like the school year has come to the week that all teachers and students dread. It seems like this time of year everyone complains that all we do is teach to the test, we stiffle creativity and cut short divergent and convergent thinking. It may be. Since everything the State is focused on is test results. I feel we are missing something in the process.

I came across this video (below) last night on Facebook. The speaker has such a message that I had to share it. The overall message I got from this video is that we as teachers need to know that students are more than test scores, and that students may hate school, but they inheriently love education.


Think about it. Everything we do in the classroom that affects students is data driven. We place students in reading groups based on their reading scores. We place students in math groups based on their math scores. We place students in gifted and talented classes based on their cognitive test scores.

We show students often that letter grades are important. We emphasize the “A” as the goal and not always the process to get the “A”. We focus on grades, but grades don’t always translate into success. We can’t limit students success by their tests scores.

Above is another one of his videos. It is along the same lines. I wanted to share it.

What do you think about his messages? Are they right on? Or are they way off? Personally, I feel his messages are a great starting point for discussion.


One thought on “I will not let an Exam Result Decide my Fate

  1. akjen3

    I absolutely love this! Yes, students love education and the process of learning. We should give them the experience of process learning.

    I saw this video a few days ago and all the things I have thought were realized in the message delivered by the voice that demanded we take note. As a future teacher, I consider this valuable information and hope that other soon-to-be teachers and established teachers AND ADMINISTRATION feel the same way.

    “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ~ Dr. Seuss


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