Boots on the Ground…ummm Classroom

This week I went and spoke at the Ohio Association for Gifted Children‘s Teacher Academy. I love going to conferences. I get a chance to meet teachers from different regions of the state. I get to hear what they are doing in their classroom and I get to share what I am doing. This year I shared that I am using video editing in the classroom. Here is my presentation.

What I particularly like about this conference is that it is geared toward gifted teachers. It helps up to become better equipped for our students. One thing that I have come to realize is that we teachers are the front line of the futureWe need to be equipped to handle all of the obstacles the Department of Education places in our way.

The new obstacle is Student Leaning Objectives (SLOs). It seems that no one really knows how these work, how they will play out, and how to write a good one. On the other hand, we do know they are linked to our evaluation and pay. Most teachers understand that we have the important task to get our children, our students, to be successful. We are on the front lines for these students. It is our job to push, and at times pull them along kicking and screaming to the place where they are successful.

I love my career choice. I love my students. I love to see the potential in my students develop as the year progresses. Just like a group of soldiers on a mission, I try to get my gifted students to see the common goal we all have. Sometimes it takes time to develop the goal, but once students have the goal in mind, they seem to respond.

I feel that my job is to give my students knowledge. But a much larger aspect of that is to equip my students with the tools and skills to maneuver through life so they can be prepared to adapt to the ever-changing and ever-evolving future. I often tell my students that they are being prepared for jobs and careers that may not have been invented yet. Once you get that fact in your head, you realize that the boots we have in the classroom have to be prepared and equipped with those tools and skills to pass on to them.

I hope that you get involved in some association to help you get the right equipment to help recharge yourself. One thing that I do, is to read blogs written by other boots on the ground to see what they are doing that I could incorporate into my classroom. I get on social media and tweet to other teachers, or get on Facebook pages or Google Groups that have educators contributing to the writing of the information.

My challenge to you is this: get connected. Soldiers don’t go into battle by themselves. They go in together.


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