Snapchat: Creativity a Snapshot Away

This past week my sons introducedme to a cool app called Snapchat. If you don’t know how to use it here I is a short rundown. Once you download the app to your phone (iPhone or Android) or iPod you walk through the steps to sign up. That should only take a few minutes. Then you are ready to use it. Just open the app and send a picture to whom ever you phone recognized as having the app or to someone you know who has the app. Once you send the picture the recipient will only have just 3 seconds to view the picture. Its the same when someone sends you a picture.

So I was pondering a lot about how to use this in the classroom. Since you can only view the picture once for such a small time frame how would I use this? Another aspect of this is how to monitor it so that students are taking appropriate photos. So here is what I came up with.

1. Tell a pictorial story: To begin tell students they are to walk around the school with thier iPod or phone (make sure you have parent and administration approval before starting this) and they are to take pictures that tell a story. Have the student or group of students send the photos to your phone or iPod or iPad. Make sure only one person in the group is sending pictures at a time. If you are able to connect you Apple product to your projector you can show the rest of your class the photos and see if they can tell the story. After the students come back have the class tell the group that left what they thought the story was. Then have the group tell the class what thier story was. See if there are any similarities.

2. Most Creative Photo: Today, everyone has a smart phone or iPod. Why not use it in a productive manner? See just how creative your students are. If the climate is good why not go outside and take some photos. One of the aspects of Snapchat is that the pictures can be saved then sent to a recipient. Give the students a topic they must photograph such as nature, optical illusions, birds, close ups, or action photos. Have the students save thier pictures before sending them to a recipient that way you can collect all of the pictures and make an online collection. Have students make a survey of thier top photos from other class or class period.

These are just a few ideas that I have. I know there are more ideas out there. I would love to to hear some of your ideas. Please leave a comment and let me know how you would use Snapchat.


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