The Power of Edmodo

Last week I had a conversation with a few of my students about how they are using Edmodo in their school, and how much they love it. They convinced me to try it in my classroom. They helped me set up an account, and showed me how it works. We sat for about an hour and they showed me the ins-and-outs of the website.

Since then I have since then logged in all of my students. I have found this is such a great tool. I have students bused to me from several schools and this will keep me in contact with them during the week. Several of my students have really jumped into Edmodo.

Here is a few things that I am using Edmodo for:

1. Keep in contact with students: I can send a student a message or a class a message and they can see it anytime they log on.

2. Grade book: I entered all of their grades into Edmodo and they can see in real time what they are earning in my class. I can also put comments to their grades so they can see what my thinking was when I was grading their projects. (We use a lot of rubrics in my class, so I try to explain to them what it was they did right, wrong, or need some improvement on for their next project presentation.)

3. Parent Contact: I am asking all of my students parents to create an account so they can see their child’s grades. They can also send me a message about an issue, or some news they want to share with me. I can also send them a message about what is going on in the classroom, or some news I want to share.

4.  Earning Badges: Students can earn badges for different things. By using incentives some students’ competitive nature will come out. Some are just interested in some of creative badges they could earn.

5. Share assignments: This is one of the best aspects that I have come across. I can post an assignment to all of my students or just one class. They can refer back to it even after they have left my class.

6. Small groups: After students have chosen project partners, I can create small groups for them to be in and they can share messages in the small group setting. So if they are partnered up with the other students from different schools they can still be in contact working on their project.

7. Digital Citizenship: The one thing that I like that is a by-product of Edmodo is that it teaches students how to be an active and appropriate person using social media.

Overall, I really feel that this jump to Edmodo is going to be a great thing for my classroom, and the success of my students.

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