Manifesto: Stake in the Future

This is my last post in this series. I have highlighted what my beliefs are. My hope is that you get a sense of who I am, and what I believe in as an educator, and mentor to my students.

I promise to take a stake in their future. I promise that I will continue to be a positive role model for them after they leave my program. I will do my best to support them in their school activities through being there in person, encouraging them in words, or listening to them talk about their experiences.  

One of the ways that I have been able to stay involved in my students lives is by attending school functions, adding students to my Facebook (which I have for my class), and by talking to them on G+ or twitter. It also helps that live in the community where I teach and so I see them at the mall or the store, or at community events.

When I see my former students, the alumni of the GT program here for the Lima City Schools, I try to get caught up in where they are academically, what activities they are in at the high school, and what are they doing if anything in the community. They always see what I am doing with the new students, and reminiscence about the units we did that got the most enjoyment out of. I am always amazed at which units they remember to be there favorites.

We usually end the conversation with what their plans for the future are, and where they may head off to college. They sometimes have an idea, sometimes they don’t it usually depends what year they are at the high school.

My older former students, the ones who are in college, I usually add them to my personal Facebook. I try to stay connected to them the best I can.

No matter what age my former students are, they know that I care about them, and want them to be the best they can. I care about their future, and what they are doing.

Being a teacher doesn’t mean that relationships with students have to end when they leave your program, or the summer is here. It just means you have a new role to fill…mentor.



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